Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Greenroom Day Two

Critical Slide electric slide

Ben and Jim breakin it down

skater dude

Bustin' it out

Buntaro Kato- very nice photographer and I like ya Leica

So many peeps past out

Mikey rockin the mike before his film premiered

Mikey DeTemple introducing his film Picaresque (with translation)

Adam from Blorr crowd surfing and Jim moshing

Harrison goin nuts over Blorr

Blorr amped up the crowd before Mikey's screening


Chris from Blorr

Travis and Adam



Kassia and Jim kickin it

Harrison streamin

Masa and his children!

The forecast says overcast and steamy- at least not as packed as Saturday. Easier to move around yew!

Adam, Travis and Chris from the band-
Bastard Lovechild Of Rock 'N' Roll
you guys are chill

Main Stage

Roial booth chillin'

Beams crew- sooo nice

Yokohama city backdrop was lovely

Sage and John

Jair Bortoleto- Brazilian Photographer legend

Kassia Meador- rockin her wall

Harrison Roach

Mikey's board from his film Picaresque


Santos SurfArt said...

you guys are the best!!!
love from Brasil.

ZimZala said...

Nice nice nice. Wish i'd been there.