Tuesday, September 28, 2010

local love #2.. glass avenue

This week I catch up with Rabbit, the ever hospitable owner of Glass Avenue

Name and location of your store: Glass Avenue – Newport Beach, NSW


Glass Avenue are Rabbit, Lara, Cuba, Manchild, Reddog, Marbles, Polly Head to name a few staff

1. How long has this store been operating?

We opened two years ago on a cool August morning. And I’m pretty sure you were there too (we go way back)

2. What's your local break?
Northern Beaches of Sydney need no introduction. We surf the Peak.

3. Who is your favourite local surfer or shaper?
I used to surf with the Godfather, Simon Andersons which you can’t beat but right now I have a massive man crush on one Mr James Chilli and what he does with a piece of foam.

4. What's your favourite local eatery/drinkery?
Pacific Grill across the road. Coronas and Tapas all day. Then there is the Arms of course around the corner, biggest beer garden I know of.
And I’m not afraid of the cross in Sydney either, although I should be.

5. What keeps the locals coming in?
Pretty sure it’s the dog but I’d like to think it’s our very different brand mix, rock and roll gigs out back, our twisted sense of style and humour, possibly the dog, relaxed vibe and excellent music taste. My staff are pretty rad, it could be them too.

Oh and we sell fucking cool clothes. Speaking off that, where the hell is TCSS my summer indent?

Glass Ave summer parties are legendary

Saturday, September 25, 2010

bodhi rips finally drops

If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price, well $49.95 + postage. We finally have our Bodhi RIPs T-shirts in-store. A hommage to the late Patrick Swayze and a film that's given us an unprecedented number of great quotes. Available in White and Grey Marle. We've got limited stock and they're a limited print run.

Friday, September 24, 2010

the big one

... yep, it's that time of year again... Mick Mock's annual Surf Auction. The real deal.

Viewing & registration tomorrow from 3pm to 5pm, then the action starts 10:30 Sunday morning at the Harbord Diggers Club. I've bought and sold some gems from Mick over the years, makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Eve thinking of the goodies on offer.

See you there.


... at China Heights Gallery, Surry Hills this good looking show by Shaun Freeman. Only up for 2 days so don't dilly dally folks

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Solwata People

The latest issue of Pacific Longboarder is on the stands & has some fine words with pictures, not least of which is this spread by Mark Onorati.

Shot in the Solomon Islands, it describes an untouched paradise. Mark went up there with 4 Critical compadres: Johnny Gill, Cloudy Rhodes, Carl Gonsalves and Matt Chojnacki to surf unspoilt reefs and hang heels with the local crew.

Cloudy aka Baro Baro in the local lingo

Cloudy .............. Carl
Matt .................. John

I dig these shots... the guys were using their boards as sun shades
between sets ...... & a local legend shows off his quiver.

all photos by Mark Onorati
Pacific Longboarder Volume 14 #1

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bodhi hits Byron

TCSS super agent Benny Lathlean & I drove down to Byron Bay last week to introduce Bodhi to the locals.

checking out the Pass

checking the temperature of the beer at the Buddha Bar....

team rider Brett Caller, Byron Surf owner Steve Packer & Ben... talking heads tees

Bodhi's new abode until the 50 year storm hits ... Byron Surf

Byron Surf
46 Jonson Street
Byron Bay
ph: 02 6685 7986

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Art 'n' about in NYC

This is a bit of a "mixed bag" post......

I have been in and out of NYC from Long Beach, NY through to Morristown, New Jersey (staying in an amazing house- think the "Draper residence" from Mad Men) and back to NYC!
I've seen a lot and done a lot in 1.5 weeks (one more to go!).

Sooooooo much art, music, and the occasional celebrity/model spotting due to Fashion Week.

God Bless America

Last night, Fri.Sept 17th, I was lucky to attend this amazing art show held in Chelsea. The venue was this massive warehouse space full of mainly Photography from the Nixon team.
I almost had kittens between skate photographer, Mike Blabac's work and Kassia Meador's breathtaking photo wall.

Introducing Mr. Ray Barbee on guitar.......

He was super chill. We spoke about how we were at Greenroom Festival 09 together and how his hands reek of Fixer from his new Darkroom........niiiice

Headed to Kassia's show at Mollusk in Brooklyn last wk.......local band "Beach Fossils" played, soon after we jived all super sweaty to a bad mixing DJ.
Great night.........we ended up eating amazing Jalapeno burgers at a diner on East 56th, and woke up snuggling a black poodle puppy.

Jared, myself, Adam + Chris from BLORR.

My first night in NYC and the cab drove past the Barry McGee!!!! Super stoked, I believe its on East Houston?

Fashion Night Out on Sept 10th was INSAAAANE. People absolutely everywhere. Harrison and I gave up on all cabs, subways, line-ups...........oh but Hello Mr. Lagerfeld!!!

This poster of Helena Christensen/the Joker is all over the streets. Love it.

I took this today in Jersey.......2 clowns sitting in a Camero??!!!!!

I'll do a music post next. Stay tuned!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Thomas Bexon by Lachie Goldsworthy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

hello summer south

welcome in the start of warmer weather with an afternoon of bitchin' tunes & magical sangria to celebrate the launch of new magazine ALAS. The mag is small but sweeet - 24 pages cover to cover and is directly targeted at Sydney surfers from Cronulla to Palm Beach.

It will be available in selected surf & niche stores like Triple Bull, HAM, Porch & Parlour, The Sugarmill etc for $5. In the first issue they have a chat with logger Matty Chojnacki, a profile on shaper Sam Tehan, a hangout with Gab from Porch and Parlour and a photo spread from the sealife.

get ye to El Sol Mexican restaurant (02 9544 4116 for bookings) by 5pm this Sunday for the kick off

goodbye summer north

...... as Summer slowly shuffles it's way around the globe from North to South, our good friend Mike at Crux Surf gives you one last chance to feel sun-kissed by reducing prices on everyone's favourite tee: Fruit Loop.

Going for a song - or more precisely $19.99, buy it online for same day shipping and a warm glow.

Monday, September 13, 2010

local love #1 ... the black wall

#1 in an occasional series about local surf stores (around the world eventually, but starting in my backyard, Australia) ... yes they stock TCSS, but that's not all we like about them! These stores are all meeting points for the groms and local legends to swap tall tales and true.

First cab off the rank is
The Black Wall in Cottesloe, Western Australia which only opened it's doors 6 weeks ago. Mossy talks us through it.

Name and location of store:

Black Wall, Shop 1/30 Jarrad Street, Cottesloe WA

1. How long has your store been operating?

Black Wall is just a baby...we threw the doors open on the 1st August this year.

Rad Dan taking a break from painting up the fresh walls

2. What's your local break?

My local break is Cott Main...but it hasn’t broken this year :( so we've been making do with some local reefs and the odd trip down the coast.

3. Who's your favourite local surfer or shaper?

At the moment I'm digging Timmy Shaw...surfs on anything when he's not being a sparky on the mines. There's a whole bunch of local grommets ripping also!!! Two mates of mine just shaped their own Alaia...so Muzz and Eagles are my fav local shapers for sure!!!

4. What's your favourite local eatery/drinkery?

The new Bar around the corner from the shop...Elba...not bad for a Friday arvo/evening beverage!!! Mrs Browns bar down in North Freo...with Flipside burgers next door is another fun night out. Otherwise you can't beat a Sunday arvo down at Little Creatures in Freo.

5. What keeps the locals coming in?

At the moment we're really relying on the locals...and I guess it's the mix of product and really good service that makes them come back and of course the lovely threads from TCSS!!! For the locals...Black Wall is their little secret.

Thanks for being our first victim umm subject Mossy, store is looking awesome mate, bring on summer!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

weekend waterviews

... a few different looks at the briny from around the globe:


When surfing doesn't go to plan from Thomas Stockwell on Vimeo.

and Mick Waters' "Little Black Wheels" is finally released on thesurfnetwork.com... time for a reminder

Monday, September 6, 2010

show & tell

.... the lads have sent in a new selection of pin-ups to stoke the fibreglass lust... dang

Kerry Down's mate Jesse at Black Apache has been working on these Simmons models:

........ & from Dean Walters, a sneak peek at Dave Boyd from Imperial Surfboards beauties: