Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CJ Nelson - Down Under

CJ's just returned to the US after spending a month travelling up and down the East Coast of Oz. He spent his weeks testing out his new collaboration Noserider model that he's developed with South Coast Surfboards shaper, Ian Chisholm. Here's CJ giving the new sled a slide. 
Shot and edited by Robbie Warden. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Sunshine Co. - Visions of the Inland Sea

Our Spring line, The Sunshine Co. is in stores and online. In the name of quality control we took the new gear into some of the harshest climates known to coastal man. 
It all came up trumps and below is a rendition of how it all unfolded.

'Visions of the Inland Sea' (Find copies at your local TCSS retailer or any cafe that has a barista with a beard)

'An Extract from Visions of the Inland Sea : The Strangest Roo Ee Ever Saw'

Outback out here it’s nothing unusual to drive for days without seein’ another livin soul, and that’s including all critters cos they sure are living and they get soul.

There’s the odd buzzard and sometimes a mob of Roo, but on this day we han’t see hide nor hair of nothing since sun up. 

Pedro gives a ‘hoot’ and plants the brakes and all we can see for a spell is the great cloud of dust we’ve kicked up in stopping. Then a sad moaning starts up, the likes of which I never heard. Rough as a buzzsaw and twice as ear splittin’. Up out the truck we get and the dust is blowing off so we can see the bloody monster what’s makin' the racket. 

First thing to notice is it’s the ugliest Roo I ever saw. It’s ears slopping beside its unlucky mug and big buck teeth to rival me old ladies’ it was over on all fours with misshapin’ looking hind legs that looked like they never done hopping in their whole sorry lives. The poor thing was looking at us with such sad, silly eyes that my first thought was to get me gun and shoot it. 
Put the poor bloody thing out of it’s misery,  but we’d used all the bullets on the cans the other day so there was no helping this thing. 

The other Roo’s must give it hell.

We snap a few pics as proof of the abomination and continue up the road, not looking back.