Monday, October 26, 2009

have wilde will travel

My friend Andrew Wellman took a break from his charmed life in Bali for a couple of weeks of equal awesomeness in Sri Lanka. His pics & words below:

.... dangerous wipeout!

just back to Bali after 2 fun weeks in sri lanka....
....over on the east coast, arugam bay

met up with a Bali mate Bryan who was there and we seeked out the smallest waves we could find

contest not held unless under 1 ft

they were perfect

took a beautiful 6'9" egg that sean wilde made me earlier in the year
could not have asked for a more appropriate caught anything and everything that moved
(thanks sean, she's a caramel beauty)

even the locals were lining up to ride her in their organic swim-wear attire

lots of fun righthanders, lovely people from here and there and long winding roads
hope this finds you smiling

stocking filler

... as Andrew says in his voice-over: a megalith of stoke!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Local Gig

Some mates have a gig at our local theatre. Please spread the word if you don't mind:

Low Pressure Productions and the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre present: The ‘Transparentsea’ ocean awareness evening. Proceeds go to Surfers for Cetaceans. The Transparentsea Journey is Dave Rastovich and friends sailing kayaks from Byron Bay to Sydney to bring awareness to the humback whales in danger in the southern oceans, and also to shine light on our own oceans and coastlines.

Featuring 2 films and live music:

The Cove.
An incredible award winning film and documentary by the Oceanic Preservation Society about the plight of dolphins in the small coastal town of Taiji in Japan.

Life Like Liquid.
The surf and sound film created by Dave Rastovich and Low Pressure Productions. With a live jammed soundtrack featuring Ash Grunwald, Kingtide, Terepai Richmond and many more.

Live music by Shannon Sol Carroll and OJ Newcomb.
(Band of Frequencies, Afro Dizzi Act, Low Pressure Sound System)
Visuals featuring footage from Dolphin Glide and the Innermost Limits of Pure Fun contributed by George Greenough.
Special guest: Luke Aloyisus Gallen.

Monday 26th of October.
Avoca Beach Picture Theatre.

page 3 girl

the latest issue of Pacific Longboarder has just hit the shelves with a great article on Palm Beach surfer & Critical Slider Cloudy Rhodes.

Cloudy is only 15 but not your average grom.... apart from preferring surfing to school of course.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

friends, last year

Tron, Maz and I:

.. these were all I had.

Friday, October 16, 2009

8 ft Brett

Congratulations to Critical Slider Brett Caller for his top effort at the Evans Head Over 8's comp this October long weekend.

Some words & photos from Brett about the weekend:

The weekend was a blast, every heat was stacked to the rafters. I spent all my coin to enter the 3 divisions that i went in so i had to sleep in my car which turned out to be a lot more comfortable than i first thought.

The waves were super fun a sucky right hander breaking off the bar that reformed on the shorey that made for some really long rides. In the final i had been combo'd early with all the other surfers having at least 3 waves before i had even had just one wave. i ended up with just two waves a 9.5 and an 8.5 which was enough to lock in the 1st place among the strong field.

...not sure where Brett managed to sleep in here!

nice stash for the trophy room lads..

i surfed in the open 9 ft mens event which i came 1st, the old mal i got 2nd and the bic open 9ft i got 4th.



I am the happy & grateful recipient of a new 5'8" quad fish via Sage Joske:

So good to be involved.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

mask man

our favourite man about town, the talented mr whitehead has been making oxford street much more appealing than usual.... this epic 3D bandido is part of this year's art & about exhibition/event. see the work in progress at izrock.

photos lifted from izrock via the ever entertaining deadshit's digest

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Robbie Kegal and his slightly eccentric board label ‘Gato Heroi’ (Cat Hero) released their short film a couple nights back in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Grainy footage & old school stylin’ a-plenty. Summer Of The Cat

Monday, October 12, 2009

Josef Hoflehner

His work is what i want hanging in my apartment, like... as of today, right now, this bloody minute!

Its time to go, baby

Hey how ya doin?? I have my 2nd solo Photography Exhibition in 9 days here in ol' Sydney town!! Ahhhmaazing.

On display will be 57 photos from my last 2 trips to Japan. Pretty much beautiful girls and boys tearing up the streets causing hell in Tokyo.

Check out my blog for updates!

Friday, October 9, 2009

tee time

our good pal Rob Cowan teaches the Interactive Digital Media course at Brookvale TAFE in Sydney. He asked his class to submit tee ideas for TCSS as a class project... we said we'd give a TCSS tee to whoever came up with the best design. Now we're having trouble choosing...

here's the short list:

thanks to Alice, Arie, Connor, Emily, Jamie, Kaleb, Max, Oliver & Phyliss for putting in a huge effort.... good luck for your final term.

tees are in the post to Arie (#1) Alice (#3) and Kaleb (#4 & 5) congratulations & thanks!

duty free

Monster Children Gallery & Mooks - Duty Free from Monster Children on Vimeo.

Very cool artist Rob Tucker won the Mooks Artspace prize recently. Lincoln Caplice & Campbell Brown interviewed Rob at the Monster Children Gallery. Take a look see.

Monday, October 5, 2009

King Hit

Gaz & a hardy crew (including TCSS special agent Tails) took off for the weekend to King Island - land of cheese, lobster & ocean swells.... all good good things. This series makes me want to load the wagon with (thermal) tent, bbq, hound dogs and hit the road....

.... if you're enjoying Gaz's surf sessions as much as we are, have a look here at more of his sets.