Monday, October 26, 2009

have wilde will travel

My friend Andrew Wellman took a break from his charmed life in Bali for a couple of weeks of equal awesomeness in Sri Lanka. His pics & words below:

.... dangerous wipeout!

just back to Bali after 2 fun weeks in sri lanka....
....over on the east coast, arugam bay

met up with a Bali mate Bryan who was there and we seeked out the smallest waves we could find

contest not held unless under 1 ft

they were perfect

took a beautiful 6'9" egg that sean wilde made me earlier in the year
could not have asked for a more appropriate caught anything and everything that moved
(thanks sean, she's a caramel beauty)

even the locals were lining up to ride her in their organic swim-wear attire

lots of fun righthanders, lovely people from here and there and long winding roads
hope this finds you smiling

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