Friday, October 16, 2009

8 ft Brett

Congratulations to Critical Slider Brett Caller for his top effort at the Evans Head Over 8's comp this October long weekend.

Some words & photos from Brett about the weekend:

The weekend was a blast, every heat was stacked to the rafters. I spent all my coin to enter the 3 divisions that i went in so i had to sleep in my car which turned out to be a lot more comfortable than i first thought.

The waves were super fun a sucky right hander breaking off the bar that reformed on the shorey that made for some really long rides. In the final i had been combo'd early with all the other surfers having at least 3 waves before i had even had just one wave. i ended up with just two waves a 9.5 and an 8.5 which was enough to lock in the 1st place among the strong field.

...not sure where Brett managed to sleep in here!

nice stash for the trophy room lads..

i surfed in the open 9 ft mens event which i came 1st, the old mal i got 2nd and the bic open 9ft i got 4th.