Friday, October 9, 2009

tee time

our good pal Rob Cowan teaches the Interactive Digital Media course at Brookvale TAFE in Sydney. He asked his class to submit tee ideas for TCSS as a class project... we said we'd give a TCSS tee to whoever came up with the best design. Now we're having trouble choosing...

here's the short list:

thanks to Alice, Arie, Connor, Emily, Jamie, Kaleb, Max, Oliver & Phyliss for putting in a huge effort.... good luck for your final term.

tees are in the post to Arie (#1) Alice (#3) and Kaleb (#4 & 5) congratulations & thanks!


ST Images said...

the 2nd and 3rd are my favourites, all really cool thou

Anonymous said...

first and last.

Ben said...

fingers have it

Tails said...

First one suits the brand best.. there all great though.

Anonymous said...

five and last destroy it

Arie said...


Thank you so much for the oportunity to send our t-shirts in and looking them over for us.

And a personal thank you to Anonymous number one and Tails very kindly off ya :P