Sunday, September 19, 2010

Art 'n' about in NYC

This is a bit of a "mixed bag" post......

I have been in and out of NYC from Long Beach, NY through to Morristown, New Jersey (staying in an amazing house- think the "Draper residence" from Mad Men) and back to NYC!
I've seen a lot and done a lot in 1.5 weeks (one more to go!).

Sooooooo much art, music, and the occasional celebrity/model spotting due to Fashion Week.

God Bless America

Last night, Fri.Sept 17th, I was lucky to attend this amazing art show held in Chelsea. The venue was this massive warehouse space full of mainly Photography from the Nixon team.
I almost had kittens between skate photographer, Mike Blabac's work and Kassia Meador's breathtaking photo wall.

Introducing Mr. Ray Barbee on guitar.......

He was super chill. We spoke about how we were at Greenroom Festival 09 together and how his hands reek of Fixer from his new Darkroom........niiiice

Headed to Kassia's show at Mollusk in Brooklyn last wk.......local band "Beach Fossils" played, soon after we jived all super sweaty to a bad mixing DJ.
Great night.........we ended up eating amazing Jalapeno burgers at a diner on East 56th, and woke up snuggling a black poodle puppy.

Jared, myself, Adam + Chris from BLORR.

My first night in NYC and the cab drove past the Barry McGee!!!! Super stoked, I believe its on East Houston?

Fashion Night Out on Sept 10th was INSAAAANE. People absolutely everywhere. Harrison and I gave up on all cabs, subways, line-ups...........oh but Hello Mr. Lagerfeld!!!

This poster of Helena Christensen/the Joker is all over the streets. Love it.

I took this today in Jersey.......2 clowns sitting in a Camero??!!!!!

I'll do a music post next. Stay tuned!

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