Tuesday, September 28, 2010

local love #2.. glass avenue

This week I catch up with Rabbit, the ever hospitable owner of Glass Avenue

Name and location of your store: Glass Avenue – Newport Beach, NSW


Glass Avenue are Rabbit, Lara, Cuba, Manchild, Reddog, Marbles, Polly Head to name a few staff

1. How long has this store been operating?

We opened two years ago on a cool August morning. And I’m pretty sure you were there too (we go way back)

2. What's your local break?
Northern Beaches of Sydney need no introduction. We surf the Peak.

3. Who is your favourite local surfer or shaper?
I used to surf with the Godfather, Simon Andersons which you can’t beat but right now I have a massive man crush on one Mr James Chilli and what he does with a piece of foam.

4. What's your favourite local eatery/drinkery?
Pacific Grill across the road. Coronas and Tapas all day. Then there is the Arms of course around the corner, biggest beer garden I know of.
And I’m not afraid of the cross in Sydney either, although I should be.

5. What keeps the locals coming in?
Pretty sure it’s the dog but I’d like to think it’s our very different brand mix, rock and roll gigs out back, our twisted sense of style and humour, possibly the dog, relaxed vibe and excellent music taste. My staff are pretty rad, it could be them too.

Oh and we sell fucking cool clothes. Speaking off that, where the hell is TCSS my summer indent?

Glass Ave summer parties are legendary