Friday, June 19, 2009

cloudy at crescent

congratulations to TCSS rider Cloudy Rhodes for placing first in the finals at Crescent last month. it was a major effort just getting there this year with the floods.... a normal 8 hour trip became 2 days of slow driving. Clouds travelled there with Louis English to surf the comp, her words below:

"after numerous wrong turns, almost running out of petrol and being taken through what once was a road and now a lake, in a fire truck, Louis' trusty old volvo station wagon finally got us to crescent head. although the ocean was predominately made up of mud, the week consisted of loggin all time crescent and eating pies from the local bakery. amonst all this fun I somehow made it through my heats and ended up with a first, which made me one stoked logger"


photo: Chris

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ramsnake said...

Even considering the colour of the water that is one pretty little wave!