Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fish Fry or Cry

The 6 of us left Tokyo at 4am?!
Arrived in Shizuoka for Fish Fry Japan at 7.30am. Sleeping in the van was kinda like a bad ass Jetstar International flight.
When we got to the beach it was raining, yet the surf was packed all down the coast. Everyone was stoked.

Shizunami Beach- 3 hours south west of Tokyo

Pro and Shaper group shot

Mune aka vanman

Jim & Ben sussin'

Robin Kegel

Boards kickin it on the sludge

One of many stencils Jim and Ben sprayed on boards

Mike Hynson

Mikey DeTemple

Spraying up a storm

The jetty near by FishFry

Ben on a mission

Where's Masa?


View of FishFry from the jetty

Hynson's brand

Robin and Jim

Our van packed

Oh ok yep, get out there son

Sage waxin' up -stoked

Fish Fry drink of choice

We all met so many nice people and saw so many kick ass boards. So goooood.
Oh and the sun did come out and totally heated up the day.
Lets do it again next year! Yew!


Tiny Dancer said...

Great shots Elle, looks like you've had an amazing trip. See you when you get back.

Cloudnein said...

Awesome photo set, really nice. The chain link and Aashi cans are somehow just beautiful!