Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Greenroom Day One

The Saturday line-up-what stage and where hmmmm?

Nice to see some decks carved up!

RVCA Japan crew- very nice guys!

Kelsey was lovely

RVCA artist Kelsey Brookes

Thomas Campbell introducing his film The Present

These guys made a tree house and hung skate boards of the branches-beautiful

Roial booth

Ray Barbee Meets The Mattson 2

Mune in the packed crowd

Mikey DeTemple - a dude

Greenroom's view of Yokohama, so so nice at night

A sea of people if you will

Beams T booth

Dragon live art

The Greenroom drink of choice

Everyone was going crazy jumping up and down dancing! The floors were shaking, photos on the walls were rattling and the live art painters had to stop painting!

Upstairs crowd-the cause of shakin floorboards

Skater son yew!

Backstage with- (left to right) Chris from Blorr
Jim, Joni and Ryan


Jamie Watson said...

That looks like an awesome time!!!

swamp donkey said...

BLORR is sick! Bring me home a CD jimbo

Felipe Siebert said...

My friend Jair!

I wanted to be there!!!

ZimZala said...

Thanks for sharing. Looks amazing.