Friday, June 22, 2012

done & dusty

ok, so this is a little out of date but it took a while for the molecules to settle back down after the mayhem that was Sunday night at the Deus Temple... apologies to all my vital organs. Spleen, I never liked you anyway.

 ... good advice...
Drew aka Jesus in hot pants

Harrison Roach

Dane Peterson

Al Knost plays in the shore break between heats

Thomas Bexon out at the river mouth

Yuta was on fire

Doc works the microphone

Jared Mell

extra points were given for party wave action
Jimmy Slide

Kai Ellice-Flint
good times

... getting down to the nitty gritty...

and the finalists are: Alex Knost, Matt Cuddihy, Harrison Roach, Josh Constable & Matt Chojnacki

back to the Temple for the judges decision....

who's it gonna be: 5/Cuddles... 4/Chono... 3/Al Knost... it's down to Harrison & Josh

Harrison Roach takes out the 2012 9 ft & single... now lets dance people

Tomorrow's Tulips

Andy Six Strings getting warmed up

as Rich Pavel said the next day... " it was a regular stomp"

and that's all folks... thanks to Deus Bali for turning on the weather, waves and great weekend... see you next year

 Photos from day three of the 9 ft & still single by Nicole (go to gal) Gozzer

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