Monday, June 11, 2012

9' & single 2012

Last year's inaugural 9' & Single surf fest at Deus, Bali was a low-key, one day blast of mayhem, mates and Monty. One snapped board, one dislocated shoulder and no hard feelings. It went so well they've decided to stretch it to a 3 day extravaganza of surf, art, movies and music and who are we to resist such a line up of entertainment?


Friday night Deus start things rolling with internationally acclaimed Californian movie maker and photographer, Jack Coleman, sharing some of his home movies. They include Bali’s premiere of POLYESTER and HAPPY BEACH. It’s all gonna happen on the Deus bed sheet in the back yard. Grab your rug and spread out on the lawn for an evening under the stars.

 Saturday we start early with the ‘Deus Inaugural Fish Fry’. We’re inviting people to come to Tugu beach from 9am to show and try out various fish style boards. There’ll be a demonstration by some ‘Fishermen’ so put your hand up if you're one of em… We’ll wind things up surfside around 4pm. Time for a rest, take stock, because come 6pm you’ll need your wits about you. We have a who’s who of shaping coming over for a chat. Join Bob McTavish, Rich Pavell, Thomas Bexon, Tyler Warren, Ryan Birch and Alex Knost as they take us through their own personal ins and out of surfboard shaping. Master of ceremonies Monty “The Duke of Deus” Montell will keep the evening moving along swimmingly. We’ll also announce the heats for Sundays comp then as well.

Then Sunday we run the actual surf component of the weekend. 7am start so if you draw that first heat we need you there at least thirty minutes earlier.  We should have wound things up by 4, leaving people with enough time to go home, shower and return to the Temple for the last of the Deus 9’ & Single Fest

We've got the Awards Ceremony from the day, winner and places won't be announced at the beach, you’ll have to hold your breath until you get to the Deus Temple. While you're waiting, take a stroll through the Deus Gallery and check out the opening of PRAETERLABOR, an amazing collaborative art show featuring works from Jack Coleman, Mia Taninaka, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Dustin Humphrey, Dan Peterson, Nicholas Chalmers & Andrew Wellman. 
To top it all off there is a massive music line up... Jakarta Band, Renprat & the Soul Brothers will start the ball rolling. Californian indie band, Tomorrows Tulips, aka Alex Knost and Christina Keys, will do a set of their own blend, hazy surf-pop vocals combined with garage rock guitars elements. And if that’s not enough Indonesia’s premier rock band, dubbed as ‘Indonesian Answer To Wolfmother’ by the Australian media, The S.I.G.I.T. are bringing the weekend to a close. The backyard is set to go ballistic!

TCSS is proud to be co-sponsoring this event and fielding 3 riders: Thomas Bexon, Kai Ellice-Flint and yours truly. Thanks to Deus for inviting us along for the slide.


gill said...

Bing! Bong! What a festivus... wish I could make it.

bandit chief said...

Pencil it on the calendar for next year Gill - this is a great weekend of surf filled mayhem

gill said...

Oh boy, it's in the 2013 calendar. In pen, even.