Monday, June 18, 2012

craft work

Day 2 wrapped up with the Shapers discussion with Rich Pavel, Bob McTavish and Thomas Bexon....

Rich Pavel
Bob McTavish

Jake & Doc preparing their vocal chords
on the couch

Film maker Jack Coleman shoots the shapers
The draw-sheet goes up for the next day's contest
Jared Mell announcing the draw

The crowd settles in for the shapers forum

Harrison's excited.. could be a contender!

Under discussion on the night was the practicality of the mini Simmons compared to the Fish design; the pros & cons of 60's style up-turned rails -v- 70's down rails; technical fin foils; v-bottoms and concaves. Bunker Spreckles received a special mention in regards to extreme surfboard development... pioneering the box rail and turning heads at solid Pipeline on tiny surfboards

All photos by Nicole Gozzer


Sandwich Jones said...

did anyone film this?

bandit chief said...

One of the Deus crew was filming this, but not sure when they'll have it edited/posted.