Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Patchy Chat

Patchy framed by Ray Collins

So Patchy, you’re a lad who’s constantly on the go, tell us what you’ve been up to over the last couple of months?

Hey mate! Been keeping it all ticking over, you know.. just finished my third year of law school, been working down at Finbox, and bar-tending most weekends. In-between all that trying to find some waves!

What boards have you been riding?

Anything that floats.. Right now its a 9'4 log, a 5'2 quad that the boys at Almond surfboards and I dreamt up, both are most excellent. But pretty much reach for whatever sled will suit the soup.

I know you shape a fair few boards for yourself, what's been your latest venture and howzit go?

A 6'2-ish single flat, vee. Me and Mr Perini hacked up this bit of foam, stuck a 9” Greenough in it, jammed that skeg right forward, loosen'er up and it goes SICK! So stoked. Scored 4ft Green Island on low tide a few moons ago and the thing took off... amping!

It’s rare to see you on a conventional hi-fi 6’1 shortboard, where did your interest in other surf craft come from?

Dad has always been ripping on heavy, flat logs. Emphasis on style and fun, you know. So probably influenced by him mostly, and Thomas Campbell's early films are rad. But it was hard growing up riding different stuff. People down here didn't like that. Having a store like Finbox in the area has definitely helped open peoples minds up to the different possibilities of riding waves.

What’s your plans for the coming year, any travels in the pipeline?

Hopefull get up-n-see Jimbo and Snooze and shoot with Johnny Gill on the Central Coast, NSW, I hear he is up to something rad. Probably back to Indo for a bit. And perhaps California to catch up with Dave and crew at Almond! Let's see what happens!

Thanks Legend, keep on slidin'.

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