Thursday, December 6, 2012

High Summer's Hit!

Hot summer, jeez it sure ain’t a bummer. With this summer set to be the hottest summer ever, in the history of the world, for at least the last four years it’s time to get that summer clobber ready for war! And by war of cause we don’t mean the gun-slinging, bayonette-wielding variety but more of the sunshine slumbering, iced Koppi-slurping, girl-chasing kind. 

The gear is that perfect combination of just the right amount of fruit and clean lines that combine to result in the ultimate dapper summer gent. There ain’t nothing worse than being over-dressed in summer, but on the flip side, it sure sucks feeling stuck in a flock of plain shorted, plain teed sheepazoids. High-Summer'll have you grooving like Hans the Homeless newspaper collector. 

Available at all the greatest stores and our online store.

Thanks to Simon Perini, Simon Patchett and Rama's for his clothes hanging prowess.


gillian_lee said...

Hello TCSS.

Lovin' the new range sick... but I was wondering, are you ever going to expand into a babes' range too? Be great to see some of those prints in the form of skirts/shorts on some
Legs 11 ladies. Would love to write about it and wear!

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll too btw. Hi-five!

readysteady said...

Hey Gillian - super foxy chicks range is on the way... we've just starting designing for Spring (2014!)... should give you time to sharpen your pencil for the reviews :)