Monday, March 21, 2011

A Whole Lotta Yewing Goin' On In Noosa

I was lucky enough to cruise up to Noosa this past wkd. The whole 4 days it was hot & sunny, then humid & heavy rain- Repeat.
Straight off the plane I was well into the events of the wkd, 1st night kicking off at Harrison's pool party.............

Kameron's B/D party

Jared + Dane

Who is Kameron Brown?

Benny (Dude!) and his Japanese mates

Sunshine Beach




Rabbo hosin' off the salt



Harrison just after he won the Noserider-stoked

Matt drove Kam and I up to Harrison's to get Kam's board so I could shoot his portrait below:

Doc looks on

Brett waxin' up in the woods

Kameron's board he shaped

Just waitin for their set mang

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Hirukia said...

Cool photos, nice days !!!