Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TCSS & Far East

I'm hanging in Japan with our Distributor this week and talks are just starting around our involvement in The Greenroom Festival (21-22 May). It pulls a crowd of around 10,000 surf, music and art passionate people and we're planning on being there. Always a good time with a great collection of talent from around the globe. Generally Elle shoots Japan for us... sorry for rockin' on ya dime, here's a couple of snaps from my last couple of days. Not really surf related, more pop-cultural. Surf does have a noticeable influence here on fashion, art and graphics.

Still great to see the Harajuku girls.

Skyping Jim and Suzie just isn't the same without a cutesy latte..

Our main man, Masa with Ebisu's Iron Chef. It really is amazing food.

Beams Tokyo Cultuart - curated, put together by General Manager and hell of a good guy, Shuji Nagai (as seen below manning The Mattress Book Kiosk).

Gaga for Supreme - before and up-the-road-after (I suspect she swiped em)
Here for another couple of days, and there will be surf related posts from Japan in the near future.