Thursday, August 5, 2010

side slippin' wrap

... weird and wonderful craft hit the water on the weekend at Shoreham Beach for the first Side Slippin' event. Apparently the waves were small but camaraderie was huge

awesome prize fella!

Experimentation and expressionism was styled in the water and a peer discussion voted winners for the different categories on the beach: Best Tandem to Napalm with hound O.B., Door Prizes to Haack and Wardo, Raddest Move to Jimmy on his alaia doing 360’s, Head Stand to Cam who also ripped on the alaia too, Nose Riding to Pat, Longest Ride to Dan on his 8’9’’ alaia, Sandcastle Makers True, Ashby and Marley, Most Stoked to Claire, Creepiest to Kasper, Weirdest Beard to Chris, Smallest Barrel to Joel, Coldest to Juzz, Artistic Design to Clare’s alaia creation, Caped Cruiser to Cristina and Best Overall Long Boarder to Banjo.

photos taken from the Side Slippin' blog plus extras by TCSS Vicco agent Simon Taylor

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Mike C said...

looks like a stoke filled event, yew, mike c