Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Java Time

Gaz is back from a 3 week solo mission in Java with some fantastic photos as usual... some now... some more later:

".... I chose Java as I remember it's magic about 5 years ago when I went with a friend. It's still an amazing place... amazing people... and a coastline awash with amazing waves.

People in the photos are some of the crew I met along the way... ahhh just looking at these again makes me want to get out of cold, windy, wet Vicco and on a plane back over there."

Javanese smiles

local fishermen do their thing while a perfect left goes unridden

Luke from Carnarvon - can ride a barrel backhand

Nate at Puerto Esconjava

Ballina bloke...

deep shallows

the dude.

all photos by Gary Parker
more next week

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