Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sweet sale

... good friends The Sugarmill are having a secret sale this Friday from 5pm... hmmm secret's out!

we thought we'd throw a few items into the ring to pay for our burrito stash... so here is a preview of the extremely limited edition (ie pair 1 of each) boardies we've sent over to Chongy.

salty stamp of approval

yes that's 6 colours... sorry accounts dept!

... we made these for Japan release only, so these are the only pairs in Aus... 1st in, best dressed. there will be some tees available on the night too.

2/1329 pittwater rd.
sth narrabeen
ph 02 9913 3332 to book 'em


Anonymous said...

Neat! I hope you will be making more of those boardies for summer.

bandit chief said...

nope... that's them dusted... on to the next