Friday, March 19, 2010

tough day at the office

I could get used to this....

brekko at Aroma with Critical Slider Brett Caller

a little surf check.... yeah, looks ok

Nathan Oldfield hasn't stopped filming for 5 days straight

Yuta, brother slider from Japan is impressed by Nate's stamina

Dane Peterson has been on fire this week

Rasta and Joel Fitzgerald heading out at Nationals

Alex Knost taking a breather

the Mondo Booty - big assed Evolution V-bottom...
Wayne Lynch inspired, Gato Heroi shaped

diggin' the Mondo Booty logo

Little Man's home brew!
Liquid refreshments with Jacob & Thomas at Nationals, thanks guys.

one last look

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Luciano Burin said...

Loved your blog!
Cheers from Brazil