Saturday, March 20, 2010

farewell first point

so apparently all good things must come to an end... ie get my ass back to work... some shots from my last couple of hours at Noosa 2010

one last beer at the surf club - good vantage point of Main Beach

always a pleasure to catch up with the Wegeners

Robby Kegal... papped while eating pappadams...
next tour of duty - foam mowing at the Sugar Mill.. get in the queue y'all

the ever charismatic Dane Wilson

Kassia Meador & TCSS gold coast agent Benny Lathlean

thanks to Ben & Jo for hosting me this week... best risotto ever! now back to the drawing board.



have had it and yeh it rocks, benny put the beer down and do some work hahahah ads

Merlin said...

Well Bandit Chief.You said "Good Bye to Noosa" but guess what everyone has just about gone home and the points are pumping 10 or so people at first point half a doz at Johnos and T/Tree well we won't go there it doesn't get much better than this.Sorry you aren't here to join us with the fun and uncrowded surf.