Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sea trousers now online

so, the decorations are off the tree, the mother in-law shipped off home (miss ya Gilly-o!) and I can see the back of the fridge for the first time this year.... must mean the holidays are over. more please.

it hasn't been all bbq's, beaches & beer though folks, we also managed to find the time to rustle up an online store so you can get your sea trousers delivered fresh to your door.

if your local has run out of the style you had your heart set on, or you didn't get that fat cat tee for xmas that you left notes about around the house, then head on over to www.thecriticalslidesociety.com & hit the shop button.

hope you like

any feedback/bugs please let me know... bound to be a few to start.

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