Saturday, January 2, 2010

back to the future

had a fun night out at Avoca Beach Theatre last night, where a full house hooted Terry Fitz, Gerry Lopez, Nat Young & MP in their hey day in Alby Falzon's 1971 movie, "Morning of the Earth".

it's been a while since I watched it last & I'd forgotten what a huge influence this movie was - the lifestyle documented & the soundtrack were groundbreaking for the time. the film work still holds its own I reckon.

a bonus was Mike McCarthy & The Vigilantes performing on stage before the movie - their own stuff & a couple of numbers from the M o t E soundtrack to get us warmed up. Mike very generously gave me a copy of his new album "colours" which was first thing on this morning & highly recommended

last night's event was sponsored by our pals at Alpine Beach - door prize was Switchfoot II... I tried to pull my own name out of the hat but now I'll have to stop being cheap & go buy it!

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