Sunday, September 13, 2009

we like short shorts

Matt Cuddihy & Dane Peterson showing a little leg & a lotta style in Malibu last week..... waiting to hear how the lads went at the MSA connest yesterday.....

UPDATE: it's official - Matt Cuddihy took out 1st place in the Open Mens at Malibu... on a Valla fish. Congratulations Matty, couldn't be happier for you mate.

Congrats too to Jackson Winter for placing 2nd in the Juniors

This just in from Matt's mum, Di:
..... thought I would give you an update on the contest. Matt has won his first heat and is through to the second round, Josh C has been knocked out, Jackson Winter came in second and is through to the semis. Crusty (Di's words, not mine Phil!!) Phil Jarratt also has been knocked out. The surf was almost non existant on Wednesday but must have picked up. The contest is 6 to 7 man heats with a 15 min heat not real good. Matt, Josh & Jackson are also surfing in the Open Men as well. You can check out the results on

Like Mum, like son - Di has just come in from surfing Noosa 1st Point at the local comp where a sweet swell is coming through she reckons.

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Merlin said...

More Aussies bringing it home it dosen't get much better.Great work guys.Matt you are a legend!