Wednesday, September 16, 2009

eye (want) candy

oh so sweet... feast your eyes on these latest offerings from Sage Joske at Valla... hard to choose just one, they're all so good. New logo's for Sage by Ben Waters.

Sage has given us a breakdown of the fish models:


The Vibe is a traditional fish inspired by the early Californian fishes. It has a full plan shape, low rocker, wide swallow tail and wooden twin keels. The Vibe has inherent speed and flow allowing drawn out turns and beautiful trim lines.

Verve “great energy and enthusiasm”

The Verve was developed as a high performance fish which feels at home in more powerful waves, in and around the curl. It has a curvy planshape with rounded swallows which allows shorter turning arcs. The natural speed and flow of the fish designs however is maintained.

Verity. the quality of being true”

The Verity stays true to and is inspired by the early Lis fishes. With a full outline, parallel plan shape through the tail, very low rocker, a wide swallow tail and long based wooden twin keels; the verity gives you a pure fish experience. Although a difficult board to master the Verity allows long drawn out turns in otherwise unchartered areas of the wave.

Volta “Electric”

The Volta is a high performance fish with a pulled in plan shape through the nose and a parallel back plan shape through the tail. Available with wooden twin keels or a quad fin set up for a more high performance feel. The Volta has a lightning quick trim speed and allows longer drawn out turns.

more pics over at Sage's blog

photos by Tom Woods

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