Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From Shizouka, JAPAN to Bondi Beach

I purchased a Blackbird Fly Twin Reflex 35mm 'toy' camera in Tokyo.

These are a few results from my first roll- shot Full Frame.

Results? = killah

Rainbow Bridge- Tokyo

Shizouka Beach, JP


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simon said...

those snaps are amzing!
must get me a blackbird. must.

Tiny Dancer said...

Great shots it. One day in the future we will complete that video...

Lagniappe said...

I'm looking to get a similar camera but where do you get the film developed in Sydney? I live on the northern beaches. Thanks!

magicpolaroid said...

only ome word: fantastic shots!

bandit chief said...

hey Lagniappe.... the Lab in Waterloo/Danks St. is where i go... not sure if there is still a Vision Graphics lab in Nth Syd? Have asked Elle where she gets her film processed.

Elle said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone!
I use cheap 35mm neg film that I bought in Japan.
I develop it at Bondi photo on Hall st. I always ask for neg process only as I scan them in!
Blackbird Fly's are sold at Via Alley in Surry Hills and QVB- although I got mine way cheaper in Tokyo.