Sunday, May 24, 2015

Greenroom Festival - Day 1

For the fifth year we've headed over to Yokohama, Japan for Greenroom festival. 100,000 surf lovin' people flood through the gates to drink Asahi, Chuhai and listen to a great mix of bands, check-out art from a stable of local and international artists and get free stuff from exhibiting brands like ours. It's all in the name of surf, art and a good time. Below are a few snaps taken by Jimmy Slide of the build and festivities.

Pre-show build, always done a little dusty from the night before's karaoke shenanigans

Get your Tatts

Our designer Muddy Waters with CK from Finbox & exhibiting artist, Simon Perini


Busy start to the day

Deadkooks & Kawaii

Artist, Stevie Gee exhibiting with the Deus posse & 
Deus co-founder & Creative Director Carby Tuckwell

Muddy & Deadkooks hanging with the locals

Money Mune..Kampaii!

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