Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Heart & The Sea Trailer

Our good friend Nathan Oldfield has just released the trailer for his film 'The Heart & The Sea' his third film and three years in the making. Featuring the likes of Sage Joske, Brett Caller, Al Knost, Tom Wegener, Ryan Burch, Chris Del Moro ..the list goes on. Looking forward to seeing it in entirety. Congratulations Nathan.


Josh Evans said...

when is the film released? it looks sweet!

Levi said...

Where can I buy this wonderful piece of filth?

readysteady said...

Hi Josh - so far the 1st confirmed viewings on the big screen are at:
1. Avoca Beach Picture Theatre, December 8
2. Byron Bay Community Centre, December 19

Levi - this filthy footage will be available for purchase online & on DVD at the best surf shops from December.
Go to Nathan's blog: for availability and updates