Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goons in Bali

The Goons play back-to-back in Bali, shots and words by Nikko.

'Throwing down, letting go and with such good energy, there were plenty of moments, that when experiencing them, I knew I'd remember them for a long time.'

Ingredients: Goons. Mylie and the Milkshakes. Andy Six String. Bobby Moore. Tyler Mars. An entourage of leather pant wearing smiley, stoked people with a mission to rock four venues in four nights.

Warm-Up: Take the stage playing a different song than your band mates. Switch instruments a few times. Play your guitar upside down backwards. Have a Bintang.


northierthanthou said...

Looks like the crowd is into it.

bones said...

Docs with leopard print socks - brilliance.