Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sea Stoked

... Friday the 13th... lucky for some! Lucky for you if you're Newtown, Victoria this Friday. Head to the Boom Gallery for art, a sausage sizzle and live music... perfect combo really.

A great line up of artists take part in "Inspired by the Sea" with all proceeds going to SurfAid.

Part sponsors of the show are the good folks behind Sea Stoke, a new online magazine launching soon. Head over to the website to subscribe or get more info, but in the meantime...

What is Seastoke?

Sea Stoke is a new online publication that pays homage to the sea by exploring its relationship with humans. It is a collective of stories, interviews, art, music and film that all tie in with the magazine's overall motif of people connecting with the ocean, whether it be through surfing, sailing, fishing or by simply appreciating its existence. Sea Stoke values diversity and believes that regardless of one’s birthplace, background or beliefs, the ocean belongs to everyone and understanding the different significance it holds for each individual is what drives the publication.

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