Thursday, July 28, 2011

Up & Down...

... the coast there's been massive winter swells for the last few weeks. Had to be some consolation for the bone chillin' cold.

We've been sent a lot of shots from peeps keen to share the big stuff... here are a few of our faves:

17 year old Central Coast snapper Alex Gibson caught TCSS slider Kerry Down charging on a 7'5" single fin

winter Bells are ringing.
TCSS man on the ground in Vicco, Simon Taylor showed us where Bodhi spent the weekend:
... "I took these pics of Bells and Winki about midday Saturday, the size was ranging from 8-10 ft with some 12ft bombs at Bells. The wind was WEST 25-30 knots so a little cross shore and the tides were a bit too high all day to deliver perfect waves. The waves got bigger and bigger all day leaving the big wave chargers surfing late that arvo, Dan Ross and Tony Ray were stand outs. Surfers were paddling all the way from Jarosite West of Bells through heavy water to get to the bowl riding 7ft Guns to 10ft Rhino chasers. Some of the less experienced mad dogs were paddling from the beach at Bells and in no time found themselves washed across the infamous Winki Button! The media broadcasted the anticipated swell on the news Friday night so there were huge gatherings of spectators lining the cliffs watching the brave. The whole town comes alive with hype and stories of what they’ve seen or experienced, its one the reasons I love living on the Surf Coast."

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