Sunday, June 5, 2011

TCSS is WTW (Waiting for The Wave)

Just last week TCSS installed some work at WTW in Aoyama, Tokyo. Took a few hours to secure the wooden panels up the wall. We came back early next day to paste up Mega Bodhi in the stores entrance.

Later that night we returned for an opening 'Reception' (as Japanese like to call it).

Welcome to WTW my name is Bodhizafa

The TCSS panels stand at 330 metres tall...well almost

Our Alias from last year's Greenroom slide in nicely

WTW staff

Hey Ho, Lets Go......have a bath

Sam and Bodhi

and we are now WTP - Waiting for the Party

Sam spoke about the work

Our fellow mates band played in store reception. Good turn out!

Ty, Sam and Mune aka Van Man (Ty was especially psyched by the band)

Masa lead the crew to the Japan style after party.
Maybe.....maybe Karaoke is ok, maybe.....I sing Bon Jovi.


Animals said...

Hi guys, long time fan. I'm just a simple surfer/ designer and just launched a weird blog. Just featured some photos of your exhibition works for Japan:

readysteady said...

Thanks - love all the artists on your weird & wonderful blog - proud to have Crits represented