Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aloha Sunday - this Saturday

Aloha Sunday is opening this Saturday May 7th in San Diego, go check it out if you're in the hood. This is a new project for Kahana Kalama and TCSS is proud to be in the line-up.

Kahana tells us a little about the new store

"This Saturday I'll be unveiling a little project that I've been working on for a bit. I'm opening a retail space in the heart of North Park - San Diego, that will offer a collection of surf-inspired clothing and craft.

Growing up in Hawaii I was enthralled by the commonly used phrase "Aloha Friday" which is basically a celebration of the end of the workweek. As a play on this concept I'm calling the shop Aloha Sunday... a challenge and encouragement to live passionately and in a way that celebrates the days ahead.

The interior of the space is adorned with reclaimed materials and salvaged barn-wood from a family friends barn in Northern Oregon. If you have a second take a look at this short edit documenting the process of getting the wood into the space:"

Welcoming Soon from Aloha Sunday on Vimeo.

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