Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Side Slippin 2011

TCSS is stoked to once again support Side Slippin. On Saturday 14th May bring your logs, quads, alaias, twinnies basically anything that floats down to Lorne, Vico. Get your surf on or just kick some tyres.

The expression session will run for 2-3hours as the tide fills in with a no heat format. Fellow surfers ride shred craft along the iconic peeling Lorne Point waves with tunes grooving from the beach and dudes hooting on the reef.

At the conclusion of the surf session there will be a peer vote for:

- Raddest move

- Most stoked

- Best overall performance

- Board art

- Loudest Yeeeew

Regsiter here or via their facebook page. We'll be following up with more Side Slippin info in the coming weeks. With artists lineup and full music lineup still to be announced.

Highlights from last year

Sideslippin', Hot Dogs and Pine Logs from Jarred Osborn on Vimeo.

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