Thursday, December 16, 2010

sharpen your crayons....

... and get arty with it.... Surfing World's Worthys portrait prize is on again


Last year Surfing World ran the first ever art prize for portraiture in surfing. Titled The Worthys, in honour of 70's airbrush legend Martyn Worthington, the response to the competition was unprecedented, attracting entries from surf art luminaries including Ben Brown, Martin Schneider, Mark Sutherland, Phil Meatchem and our inaugural winner, potter, painter & surf historian, Gerry Wedd.

This year Allpress coffee has upped the stakes providing a tidy $2000 cash prize to the winning entry, while Chris Garrett will supply a hand crafted wood pallet surfboard. That's a $4500 prize package. If you like the sounds of that and consider yourself handy with the brush, pen, screen, mouse or blade, read the following, get your art on and get it in.

First Place: $2000 courtesy of Allpress and a Chris Garrett hand shaped wood pallet board valued at $2500
Second Place: A custom Vampirate surfboard
This year they also have a people's choice award of which the winner will also win a custom Vampirate surfboard.

Some of last years entries below:

1. Your portrait can be of any surfer from any era.
2. Any medium is allowed except sculpture, photography and interpretive dance (but if you do have a vid of a dance you've done based on Ben Dunn then send it in, it won't go in the comp but we'll enjoy it.)
3. You must provide your entry as a digital jpeg no less than A4 size at 300 dpi. If you keep the jpeg at 300 dpi and when saving it put the slider to about 7in the image options it should be cool to email. Include your name, address and contact phone number.
4. Twenty finalists will be selected to showcase their work in the SW Worthys exhibition where the 2011 winner will be announced, to be held early next year.

Submissions must be emailed to before midnight February 28, 2011 to be eligible.

On your markers, get set, it's on.....

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