Monday, May 17, 2010

Jim Mitchell #017

I had a bit of a crash course at poker work last week - not Texas Hold 'em, but the red hot, wood burning type of poker... my house still smells of Paulownia smoke... smells good.

It was an honour to have such a beautiful canvas to work on, thank you Paul Joske.

roughing it out

primitive but effective torture machine

iconography from the Mitchell
vault of popular culture

Tyler Warren's still to come - then next stop Tokyo - get the Asahi in the fridgeru Masahiro!

photos by Nathan Oldfield - many thanks mate


Elle said...


Katherine said...

wow! they all look so stupendously amazing. i can't decide which is my favourite... you must be very proud!

this is jack tar said...

these are so gnarly!!

Greg Landers said...

Damn near to rad to ride!!