Tuesday, February 16, 2010

big hearts on the big screen

I've been following the progress of the making of this movie over at goodcheer and am very happy to see that it premiers this month at the Dendy.

This is such a great story of kindness and salvation and surfing... I hope it comes to a theatre near you. Some of the press release from the film makers is below, they say it best:

Documenting the stories of the 54 children of Mision Mexico, who have come from places of unimaginable poverty, trauma and abuse; and their experiences of healing and transformation through surfing and love. The film is a powerful lesson on the important things in life, and the power of riding waves, whether you are a surfer or not.

With 6 kids of their own in Australia, Pam and Alan set off for Tapachula in November 2000 to volunteer for 12 months at the Mision Mexico orphanage where their daughter had previously volunteered. Shortly into their stay the major benefactor withdrew and the kids were to be turned onto the street. The couple’s volunteering adventure quickly turned into a life saving endevour and Mision Mexico, Giving Love, Life and Hope was born.

Mision Mexico’s mum and narrator Pam Skuse says: “In their short lives the children of Mision Mexico have experienced things that most of today’s society will never experience. Surfing is a potent form of therapy for these children. The ocean is not just a place of fun; it’s an escape from what life used to be for them. Through Mision Mexico we provide a family and community which supports, guides, disciplines, encourages, and directs these children to better themselves.”

“Surfing is something special, it’s not just a sport its part of my life, I feel like I don’t need anything more, I don’t need to take drugs, there is nothing better than surfing” says Jose one of the film’s young grommets, also a former street kid who was caught up with drugs and gang violence.

The filmmakers, Aussie surfers Stefan Hunt and Jonno Durrant got involved in Mision Mexico when they were asked to donate a DVD of their new documentary Surfing50States. Moved by the children’s plight Stefen decided to volunteer for two months. Touched by the truly inspirational story, Stefan asked Jonno to join him with their camera equipment and Somewhere Near Tapachula was born.

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Anonymous said...

Mega Sharkas. Cant wait!!

droog79 said...

nice one for putting this up on the blog-
we went to visit these guys recently and went surfing with them and donated a fish i art attacked- what an amazing day- you just cant feel cynical or negative when youre with these kids and the energy of Pam and alan was amazing..it was such an inspiring place to be- please support them people. this is what its all about. i´ll put a little story and photos up about it on my blog soon...

bandit chief said...

hi droog - yeah such a good story of unselfish human kindness... makes me feel so dumb for sweating on the small stuff.

looks like you've got a good thing going on down mexico way - good move!