Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tokyo Drift

I was standing lost outside Shibuya station when this boy came up to take a Polaroid of me (turned out he was from Melbourne go figure). We were interrupted from this old mate asking for Yen-glorious

Nick and I caught the monorail to Odiba- a man made island near the Rainbow Bridge. It was awesome!
Petra- I shall shoot her next week!
Shibuya stationMasa you kill me! The guy on the left was so pissed off we took this photo. Suffer!

Welcome to the terrordome.

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Anonymous said...

Isnt this a surfing blog?

readysteady said...

it's all the things we like .... mostly surfing + art + t-shirts...

elle is going to be sending back shots from the Greenroom Surf Art Festival which starts tomorra & hopefully from the Osaka Fish Fry